Qurbani Appeal
The Sunnah of Ibrahim (as)

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said: “There is no deed that Allah (SWT). loves most during Eid ul Adha other than the slaughter of a sacrificial animal. The sacrificial animal will appear during the day of judgment with its horns, hair and nails as witness to the deed in the name of Allah. The blood of the sacrificed animal is placed near Allah s.w.t. before it flows to the earth. Glad tidings to those who sacrifice”

(Meanings of the Hadith from Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah & Hakim)

Every year on the day of Eid, Muslims sacrifice and donate their Qurbani to people in need all over the world. In spreading our blessings to less fortunate people, we follow in the footsteps of the Prophets whilst feeding those in need.

For many families, Eid ul-Adha may be the only time they can eat meat this year. Don’t let them go hungry. Book your Qurbani with us today.


We dont compromise on the Qurbani?

‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Whoever performs Qurbani in sincerity will reap a reward for every hair of the animal he/she sacrifices.”.

[Hadith – Tirmidhi]

Goat / Sheep

£ 140

This is a small animal qurbani on behalf of a single person

Bull / Buffalo

£ 450

This is a large animal qurbani and can be done on behalf of 7 people

Qurbani Share

£ 74

This is a share in a large animal on behalf of a single person

What Is Qurbani?

It is a tradition that comes to us from the Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his son Ismail (as). It reminds us of the great sacrifice both were willing to make, their strength of faith, and of God’s favour and mercy upon the believers. 

The four main schools of thought rule that Qurbani is either necessary – wajib or highly recommended for every Muslim who is of sane mind and has reached the age of puberty and, has a level of wealth beyond the current nisab threshold. If you are travelling, you are exempt.