Why Water

Water is a fundamental right and a basic necessity, yet an estimated 790 million people (11% of the world’s population) are without access to an improved water supply. Without access to water, these vulnerable families battle disease every day for their survival, some succumb to it eventually. Without convenient access to water, women and children have to walk for kilometres to get water – making them vulnerable to missed livelihood and education opportunities, and protection issues.

It’s time to help these communities with enhanced access to water, to make the experience convenient and secure, to improve the quality of water substantially. These water projects will essentially improve the quality of life for communities that have been facing water security. These projects aim to reduce the daily burden of water collection that falls on women and children by providing access to water that is closer to their homes and neighbourhoods – resolving protection issues in the process too. The incidence of water-related disease eventually declines through these projects that just don’t focus on providing a water infrastructure, but also provides communities with awareness regarding water storage and personal hygiene. Quality access to clean water just doesn’t eradicate disease, it also boosts productivity.

Your contributions will not just provide safe drinking water to these communities; will also provide more time for families to invest in education, livelihoods and skill development. Convenient access to water provides these poverty struck communities to break the glass ceiling of abject poverty.

FRDP International is carrying out projects to improve the access and quality of water for underprivileged communities living in dilapidated conditions. Our aim is to improve access to water in Asia and Africa, to flip them from hardship to ease. And, we can’t even dream to do that without your help. Your contributions make the difference, you run the show.