About us

FRDP International is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation.

FRDP International is aimed at facilitating the disadvantaged communities in a way that they could be empowered to secure their rights with command over the resources and capabilities to manage the process of sustainable development. We are involved with integrated development but our major focus is to promote Water and Sanitation, Health & Hygiene, Emergency Relief, improve Education, Poverty Alleviation, Promotion of Human Rights (especially the rights of women, children, indigenous groups, and persons with disabilities).

After having worked in Pakistan, FRDP International is now passionate to tackle the root causes of poverty around the world and support grass root communities.

Our Vision

Bringing people together to help to build a peaceful, socio-economically empowered and resilient society with ensured fundamental rights.

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Our Mission

To transform and empower grassroots communities by organising and mobilizing them; and contributing to sustainable development through an integrated, inclusive, environment-friendly approach.

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Our Values

Commitment and dedication for humanitarian causes - Respect and dignity for all - Honesty & Transparency - Inclusiveness - Gender & Cultural Sensitivity - Equality and Equity

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Our History

Our journey began in 2007 on a small scale by a group of friends who all had the passion for serving the most deserving and needy communities and to support humanity’s fight against poverty, social injustice and natural calamities. Since formation, FRDP has responded to numerous emergencies and implemented a wide range of long term projects, such as solar water wells, schools, healthcare clinics and livelihood programmes in Pakistan.

FRDP has also provided medical care, education, food aid, poverty relief, famine relief, and community development in disaster areas and many rural and poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan. During this time, we have served hundreds of needy and helpless people living in poverty and neglected conditions.

FRDP International registered with the charity commission and started its operations in the UK in 2019